First early concept art scribbling

First early concept art scribbling

Im working on a futuristic car concept at the moment, trying to bring it to 3D within the next weeks. Just want to share the latest work. Not much to see yet, but I think you will like the final model after all. So far.. 🙂 Kevin

Long time no news

Hello to everyone. Long time ago, that we posted some news at our website, thats right. You want to know why? Becauce we focused completely on our game development first. Our project “genuineworlds” isnt dead. 🙂 A nice website is cool, but not deciding for...


Hello folks, Im glad to tell you, that I just founded “genuineworlds” as a indie gamedevelopment community. The main-goal of genuineworlds is: providing game developers a place to be, where they have no limitations through any manager, company restrictions...