Our sandbox sci-fi experience,
with next-gen graphics and an profound story.

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Welcome to genuineworlds

genuineworlds is a Indie-Gamestudio, established in 2016 and focused on building new worlds with passion. We are doing this just for fun, to improve our own gamedeveloping skills and to provide some nice content to all world-wide videogame lovers.

Live your passion – Don’t do it for someone else!

We are convinced, that a single person who do something because he/she loves it, can reach much more than a person who has to do it. Thats why we are developing without any deadlines, limitations through a manager, company or publisher and without any other restrictions. Quality takes time and needs alot of love and passion.

We are always searching for talented game developers and those, who want to be.

If you feel like, please apply without any thoughts! We want to create a nice place to be for game developers and work together on some awesome content in our free-time.

Private life first! As said already, we dont want to create any deadlines. You should work, if you feel so.

Thats the only way to create high-quality results.

Glad to hear from you.

First early concept art scribbling

First early concept art scribbling

Im working on a futuristic car concept at the moment, trying to bring it to 3D within the next weeks. Just want to share the latest work. Not much to see yet, but I think you will like the final model after all. So far.. 🙂 Kevin

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Long time no news

Hello to everyone. Long time ago, that we posted some news at our website, thats right. You want to know why? Becauce we focused completely on our game development first. Our project "genuineworlds" isnt dead. 🙂 A nice website is cool, but not deciding for a...

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